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Control as many variables as you can predict, and be flexible enough to pivot around the variables you can't predict. I believe that's what effective event teams must do. With over 20 years in live event production I have become comfortable with these variables.


Technical production was my first love, and I love bringing that expertise to bear on my client's events. I am fully able to interact with venues, suppliers, technicians, caterers, and event staff.


Events represent the organization producing it in a way few other endeavors do. I take that responsibility very seriously. It's a matter of professional pride.

Sales/rsvp tracking



Together these tools allow the event organizer to track sales/RSVPs, and make changes to the promotion if necessary.


Shown here is an invite email with an RSVP button towards the bottom.



The use of social media-friendly assets is key to driving traffic to the event page.


This event featured rouge parliamentary page Bridgette DePape, so I took advantage of the easily recognizable stop sign to generate interest.

But traditional ways of promotion can't be overlooked either, as with this poster I designed.


I've also used web banner advertisement buys and radio spots to create sell-out attendance rates.

Craig Pickthorne running the lights at Trinity St. Paul's Centre, Toronto



My competencies in the technical production and management of events:


 ■ Audio/Visual equipment rental, configuration and usage

■ Coordinating Telepresence into an event such as having someone Skype in, with audience Q&A

■  Dealing directly with venue staff and crew to make sure all details and expectations are covered

■ Coordinating catering and liquor licensing affairs