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Metrics show that visual content overwhelmingly dominates the high engagement rate categories for social media posts. Here are some examples of assets I've produced as parts of various campaigns:

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Impressions x 1,00059Impressions x 1,000
Views x 1,00032Views x 1,000
Downloads x 1,000159Downloads x 1,000
Blog visits1000Blog visits
Enter your Text1000Enter your Text

Full Spectrum Results

For the release of Toronto's living wage number, I produced a video introducing the city's latest LW employer.



22,074 impressions


Here is an example of a twitter graphic that utilizes the platform's image expansion behavior to encourage interaction.


7,541 impressions 873 unique visits

Contrast of Scale


Like any effective infographic, this one represents a striking number using the language of visual contrast. In this case contrast of scale was used.

11,163 impressions 9,559 downloads

Rapid-Response GIFs

This graphic makes use of the then-newly introduced ability to display animated GIFs in twitter timelines.


5,227 impressions 15,434 downloads
Other selected social media graphics